Cookie policy

Atitlan uses first-party and third-party cookies on its website for various purposes. To provide Users with appropriate information so that they can grant or withdraw their consent for the installation of these cookies on their browsing device. The main features of these cookies are described below, and Users are provided with the necessary information so that they can manage the installation of these cookies.



A cookie is a file that is installed on the device used by the User to browse, whether it is a computer, a smartphone or any other enabling device.

Cookies can both enable the services to be adapted to suit the needs of Users (language, resolution, etc.) and enable Atitlan to obtain statistics on the behaviour of Users browsing its website, with a view to improving the services offered to Users.

There are several criteria for classifying cookies depending on different factors, such as how they are managed (Atitlan’s fist-party cookies in the event that they are managed by Atitlan or third-party cookies, as is the case on this website, where Google manages its own analytical cookies). The length of time during which the cookies remain active on Users’ devices also lets us differentiate between session cookies ( the time during which they remain active is the same as the time during which the user is browsing) and persistent cookies (they remain installed on Users’ devices for a longer period of time). Similarly, depending on their purpose, cookies may or may not require the User’s consent.



Depending on the owner and manager First-party Cookies managed by Atitlan that are sent to the User’s device.
Third-party Cookies managed by Google Inc. that are sent by Google Inc. to the User’s device.
Depending on the time they remain active Session They collect and store data during the User’s session and are automatically deleted when the session ends (e.g. language detection).
Persistent Data collected by using the cookie remains stored for a longer period of time.
They do not require the User’s consent
Depending on their purpose Technical They are necessary for a User to browse the website correctly.
Customisation or configuration They are used to customise or configure the presentation of the webpage by recognising a User’s language, screen resolution, etc.
Security They are used to prevent or hinder attacks against the website and/or Users.
They require the User’s consent
Analytical They measure the User’s activity when visiting the website or webpage and draw up statistics on the User’s browsing to help us improve our services and the presentation of information.
Advertising They are used to manage the frequency and content of advertising shown to Users.
Tracking They analyse Users activity in order to display personalised advertising for them.



At we use the following and first-party and third-party cookies:

Type Owner Name Purpose Expiry
Customisation or configuration devicePixelRatio It identifies the screen resolution of the device to improve content presentation. One week
Customisation or configuration pll_language It determines the User’s language preferences. 24 hours
Analytical Google Analytics _ga It is used to identify each User. Two years
Analytical Google Analytics _gid It is used to distinguish between users. 24 hours



On its website, Atitlan allows the use of cookies from Google Inc., a Delaware corporation, with headquarters located at the Googleplex, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. These cookies are fully managed by Google Inc. through its Google Analytics tool.

On the basis of the User’s activity, Google Analytics captures and stores information about the User, although it does so anonymously. Using all the information gathered by Google Analytics, Google compiles statistical reports that enable Atitlan to improve its services and presentation.

Although Google gathers information about the User, Atitlan cannot access it, so it cannot in any case identify the User, obtaining only statistical and anonymous information regarding, for example, the visits received on the web portal, the types of devices used for this purpose, the language used, and the geographical area from which the visits are made. With this information, Atitlan can know the volume of traffic on its website and how Users participate in the site.



As Google’s proprietary tool that is not managed by Atitlan, Google publishes its own privacy policies regarding its analytics tool.

To make it easier for the User to learn about this tool and the implications of this in the event of accepting its installation, we would like to provide the following links to these policies:

Google Analytics General Terms and Conditions:

Google Privacy Policy:

Google Analytics Privacy:

Please be aware that this information may vary, since it is Google’s proprietary information, so we strongly recommend that you visit Google’s policies or even contact them for further information on these policies.



With the exception of session or technical cookies that do not require the User’s consent, the User can manage, delete or deactivate any analytical or advertising cookies.

In that regard, Atitlan provides the user with the option to easily manage cookies.

In any case, depending on the browser used by the User to access, the User may be able to manage the deletion or installation of cookies from their own device. To do so, the various browsers are set out below, as well as the corresponding links to the information that will enable the user to manage the cookies.

Internet Explorer:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings.

For further information, you can refer to Microsoft support or browser Help.

Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Settings.

For further information, you can refer to Mozilla support or browser Help.

Settings -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings.

For further information, you can refer to Google support or browser Help.

Settings -> Security.

For further information, you can refer to Apple support or browser Help.

Settings -> Clear browsing data.

For further information, you can refer to Opera support or browser Help.

If the User uses a browser other than the above, please contact the corresponding technical support.

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